Auto Financing

Simple and Quick Auto Financing. Repayment is flexible and hassle-free.

A voyage that will get you closer to your objectives. Millions of UAE residents are upwardly mobile and on the move these days. Many people wish to acquire a car in order to get at their destination on time and in comfort. Years of saving and waiting have finally paid off. A car loan will assist you in achieving your goal of purchasing a vehicle. Betterbond Finance can assist you in acquiring Custom-Fit Car Loans with special features. Take advantage of quick money release, low interest rates, and other benefits. It’s never been easier to get a vehicle loan in the United Arab Emirates! As a result, you may now have the perfect car and the perfect financing, just how you want them.

Car loans specially tailored to the needs of your business are just a call away. We can help you update your executive or commercial fleet, as well as specialised truck and other vehicles, to make sure that they remain in tip top condition and your maintenance costs are minimised.

Loans for Commercial Vehicles

Our Commercial Vehicle Loans ensure that you have the trucks you need to grow your company. Trucks, heavy buses, multi-utility vehicles, pick-ups, small commercial vehicles, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, trailers, and vans are all ideal candidates. For loans up to AED 7 million for new and used automobiles, as well as the cost of insurance premiums, we can finance 90% of the essential expenditures at favourable interest rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Signed AECB form
  • Passport-visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Valid quotation
  • Driving license
  • Salaried individuals
    • Salary certificate
    • Bank statements
  • Self-Employed individuals
    • Trade license
    • Bank statements
  • Companies
    • Trade license
    • Bank statements
    • List of authorized signatories on company behalf (wherever applicable)
    • MOA

An Auto Loan from Emirates NBD can be applied through the following channels:

  • Branches
  • Direct Sales Team.
  • Online Banking
  • Contact Centre 24/7

The eligibility criteria for apply an Auto Loan are as mentioned below:

  • Salaried Segment
  • Self Employed / Companies
  • AED4K (ALE with Salary Transfer or Non ALE with Salary Transfer and good CASA score)
  • AED 5K (Non ALE, Salary Transfer or ALE, Non Sal Transfer)
  • AED 7K (Non ALE & Non STL) or Private deals)
  • AED 15K (Used sports cars)
  • Min Average Balance of AED 20K


Down payment is mandatory for all Auto Loans. However down payment support can be extended through Emirates NBD Credit Card plans depending on Banks Discretion.

  • Individuals: 20%
  • Sports Cars (New): 25%
  • Companies: 10% (0% down payment option also available for companies)
Still your have any queries regarding the same ?