Salary Account Opening

Better Bond Finance's Salary Account Opening

Salary Accounts from Betterbondfinance provide employees with easy access to their pay.  Create Salary Account that is tailored to your workers’ job profiles and provide them with variety of additional advantages, such as unique debit cards.  Assist your employees in keeping track of their pay and reimbursements in straightforward manner. Salary Accounts come in variety of shapes and sizes, based on the nature of the job.  The accounts differ in variety of ways, including daily withdrawal limits, shopping limits, and the type of debit card used.  Betterbondfinance Salary Accounts are the greatest in class because of the unique employee joys and enhanced perks.

Different salary bank accounts give benefits ranging from Older ID cards for senior residents, domestic trip plans, and higher interests to dining pleasures, cashback on cinema tickets, and so on. Priority Salary Account holders will receive unique benefits, while military personnel will enjoy additional benefits. Get a detailed overview of all these specialised advantages and create a Salary Account that best meets the demands of your staff.
Provide your staff with pay accounts that allow them to take advantage of modern, tailored banking services. This is something that Betterbondfinance can help you with. With a zero balance account, your employees will be able to access Netbanking, Phonebanking, Mobile banking, and InstaQuery for SMS banking. Users with salary accounts may make their life simpler by using BillPay to pay utility bills and using Instant Alerts to track their activity. 

Required Documents

A valid Passport

A valid Emirates ID

And fill in the digital application form