Fixed Deposit Facilities

Complete adaptability. Exceptional profits

You’ll have more flexibility and security, as well as a higher rate of return on your assets. Fixed Deposits, as well as the interest generated on them, are a solid and consistent source of income. Choose a term and an amount that fits you to progressively increase your income. Betterbond Finance offers fixed deposit accounts that are simple to create and close whenever you need them.

With Betterbond Finance’s fixed deposits, you may earn guaranteed returns on your investments while also meeting your short- and long-term goals. Our fixed deposits are one of the safest investment alternatives available, with competitive interest rates and flexible investment terms. Choose a fixed deposit account with us and see your money increase over a period of seven days to ten years!
You may open a fixed deposit account with us via a variety of methods, including online banking and mobile banking. If you prefer to use our banking services in person, simply go to a Betterbond Finance location near you and create a fixed deposit account.

AED 5000

Minimum Deposit
To Equivalent in currencies

Upto 90 %

Over Draft Facility
To meet urgent demands

Upto 1.50 %

Interest Rate
Per annum

Interest rate

Rate fixed until the maturity date Rate as per prevailing rate sheet will apply. Please refer to link below for latest rates.

Interest payout

Upon maturity

Currencies available


Available tenors

7 days to 5 years

Minimum deposit amount

AED 10,000 or equivalent in other currency

  • Open to UAE nationals, expatriates and non-residents
  • Available in UAE Dirhams, US Dollars, British Pounds and other currencies
  • Minimum deposit of AED 5,000 or its equivalent in respective currencies
  • Flexible tenures in months: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 13 and days: 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 375, 400, 500
  • Overdraft facility of up to 90% of fixed deposit to meet any immediate needs
  • Simple documentation
  • Available to UAE nationals, residents and non-residents
  • Available to all Betterbond Finance customers with an active Current or Savings account in AED, USD, GBP and other major currencies
  • Minimum deposit of AED 5,000 or its equivalent in respective currencies