Company Account Opening

For Small & Large Scale Industries

Betterbond Finance's Company Account Opening for small & large scale Industries

Companies play an important part in the commercial world. These firms are striving to address market difficulties in the UAE, and they have received regulatory attention as well as support in growing their operations. One of the most important prerequisites for a company’s success is having a feature-rich Business Account for banking activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big corporation, a tiny business, a charity trust, a housing society, a hospital, or a professional. Betterbond Finance will assist you with setting up a Company account so that you may handle your cash more efficiently, streamline your payments and collections, and take advantage of a variety of free banking services such as money transfers, local clearing, dynamic limits, cash deposits, and withdrawals, and so on.

From basic checking accounts to interest-bearing accounts and flexible deposits, we provide products to meet all of your business banking needs.
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Current Account

For your regular financial needs, our Business Current Account is suitable. It has the following features:

Fixed Deposit Account

Our Fixed Deposit Account allows you to grow your money while yet having the freedom you want. A minimum deposit of AED 10,000 is needed, or its equivalent in other currencies. It has the following features:
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Call Deposit Account

Our Call Deposit Account, which is available in a variety of major currencies, is a handy and flexible alternative. It has the following features: