Working Capital Facilities

Betterbondfinance's Working Capital Facilities

To keep your company functioning efficiently at all times, you’ll need additional purchasing power and liquidity. Our mission is to help you advance your business and overcome hurdles. Betterbondfinance can supply you with Working Capital Loans to help you handle cash flow issues rapidly. We guarantee to meet this requirement by providing low-interest loans with various repayment and collateral options. We make financial help readily available with our solutions since we believe that success is for every firm.

Is market expansion something you're continually thinking about?

We provide you a competitive advantage by providing a wide range of trade, working capital, and consultancy services, allowing business to confidently pursue possibilities both at home and abroad.


Non-funded lines give your company the financial backing it needs to extend its trading horizons. Letters of Credit and Guarantees are among the services available through our facility.

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Funded lines help your firm meet its short-term cash flow needs, allowing you to focus on growth and cash flow management. Our services include funding your supply chain, operating expenditures, and future trade receivables discounting.


Your cashflow may not always meet your finance demands, no matter how profitable your company is. An overdraft, whether short or long term, is frequently the quickest and most convenient option to bridge a temporary deficit. We can negotiate attractive terms and competitive rates to meet your specific business context.

Cheque Discounting

By enabling payment on post-dated cheques, we may assist you in meeting your immediate funding needs. A discount facility might be the ideal alternative for your business if you require your business income to be more manageable, whether for batches or single larger payments.

Loan Against Trust Receivables

We have a good view of your revenue flows because of our connection with you, which may involve sources other than your principal business. A loan secured by trust receivables can be readily and rapidly established at extremely advantageous rates.

Loan Against POS Receivables

We can assist you in putting it to good use to meet your continuing financial demands. That figure is your POS receivables if you are a merchant that uses credit card Point of Sale (POS) terminals for your everyday business transactions. It may be used to leverage a loan of up to AED 5 million for a period of 48 months, with low interest rates and a 12-month top-up facility. It doesn't even have to be our point-of-sale system.

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