NRI Account Opening

Betterbondfinance's NRI Account Opening

Are you considering relocating to another country but worried about your financial accounts? Take advantage of all the advantages that come with being a global citizen. NRI accounts provide high interest rates and 24-hour access to your funds. Several banks provide a choice of NRI accounts to choose from. Betterbond Finance can help you send money to your relatives in the UAE, manage your savings in the UAE, and manage your NRI accounts. With a number of custom-made alternatives, we ensure you have a hassle-free banking experience – transfer money to your relatives in the UAE with a few simple clicks. If you want to keep the money you make, open an NRI RFC Savings account.

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Required Documents

○Appointment Letter
○Driving Licence
○Company letter
○Bank statement
○Company ID
○Health Card
○Government ID
○Cancelled NR cheque
○Credit card bill

○Utility bill
○Passport address page
○Ration card
○Voter's ID
○Labour Card